Durable VoIP Phone

BizTels.com offers a user-friendly VoIP phone for you in Upper Marlboro, Maryland. Our Avaya Definity 6400 series of digital phones are fully equipped to meet the requirements of your small business.


A direct headset plug-in jack is included in this phone set. With an innovative design, this phone carries one-touch operation with headsets so you can easily answer, hang up, and dial. We boast of other phone features including:

   •  Full Duplex Speakerphone 
   •  Hold, Transfer, and Mute Options 
   •  Conference Calls
   •  Redial and Volume Controls 
   •  Programmable Buttons Including 8-, 16-, or 24-Button Phone Sets

LCD Display

Get accurate caller information using Definity. Manufactured with soft keys, this phone allows flexible button programming and activation through the menu-driven LCD. The LCD displays the following data:

   • Time    •  Date    •  Caller ID Information    •  Extension Identification

Contact us in Upper Marlboro, Maryland, for a VoIP phone with cutting-edge technology.